After 3 full weeks of closure, the Manufacture de Lunetterie THIERRY S.A. is gradually resuming activity on its 2 production sites. Following the confinement announced by the government, on March 17 at 12:00 p.m., the closure was effective from the evening of March 17, the first measure after closure was the implementation of teleworking for a dozen employees, and in parallel, an request for partial activity addressed to the State Services.

The implementation of a BCP (business continuity plan), first provisional, then now fully adapted to the exceptional situation, has enabled around twenty employees to return to work as of April 7, reinforced by an additional fifty on the 13th. We will be almost fully staffed in all workshops, from April 20 to ensure production on our 2 sites, and in all sectors. Teleworking remains of course necessary for all employees who can benefit from it.

In addition to an essential adaptation of the premises and instructions related to the BCP, protective masks, gloves, hydro alcoholic gel, disinfection products, everything has been put in place in sufficient quantity to allow everyone to fulfill its mission under the required safety conditions.

Deliveries will resume from the evening of April 20, to our main customers, in order to better meet everyone’s demand, and anticipate the recovery of the market.

In this very complicated period, the Manufacture de Lunetterie THIERRY, with the support of all its teams, will have proven once again, its adaptability, its reactivity, and its will stay at the service of its customers.